Right now we are on our 4-month family roadtrip from Crete to Iceland, Faroe Islands and back. Unfortunately, there is no time for writing long reviews or having daily reports on what we have seen. Our little Ektoras always manages to have full control over our time and absorbs all the energy like a magic sponge. We also try to enjoy every minute with incredible hosts and other people that we meet, or sometimes, we just want to relax and not to take laptop or mobile phone in our hands.

Nowadays, it is a real luxury to get a break from the digital lives that we are all living. This is what we were looking for in this trip, just to enjoy nature, to spend family moments all together playing or exploring new places, to meet new people, to see how other families all over Europe live their daily life. And this is how it goes so far!

However, you can check out our Instagram and hashtag #aktravelife_roadtrip_2019 for some real-time photos and updates. In our group on Facebook we share also on-the-go tips and impressions in both, Greek and English. Join us!

Nevertheless, we do want to share our experience from this unforgettable journey with our readers, so many articles will be appearing on our blog “post-factum”.  

Stay tuned!

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