We are Kostas and Alyona, a Greek-Russian family who currently lives on Crete island and loves traveling all around the globe. 

It can be a short day trip in our magnificent country, a 17 000 km road trip  to Iceland, hiking on Kamchatka’s wild volcanoes, or enjoying jungles and waterfalls of Bali. Through this website, we try to describe our experiences and bring some far-away places closer to those who read us.

Though the main content is in Greek, we do our best to translate/write in English the articles about our favorite adventures, personal best-of lists, hidden gems of Greece and other practical stuff. We also share our thoughts and opinion about traveling with a child and organizing a trip.

A&K Story

Our lives were united in summer of 2013, when we, young and wild, got married. Our common interest among others is a passion for trips and adventures. We were travelling solo before we met, we were travelling as a couple, and now, since our little adventurer was born, we have been travelling as a family. Life is changing, but this is something that we are not going to give up. Because the world is small and big at the same time, with endless miracles and experiences for those who want to live their lives.

What kind of travelers are we?

If you ask us, what is the best thing we can do on the weekend. we both would say: “To go for a small trip!”

We travel a lot, not necessarily long term or far-away, but with every single chance we are heading somewhere. We choose different destinations, starting from pretty common spots in Europe, finishing with really adventurous trips to Iceland or Russian Kamchatka. We explore Greece quite much, since it is the easiest and most affordable option for every free day we have. We love nature, hiking, free camping, but we also enjoy walking in the cities, visiting worthy museums, going to the theater. Mostly we are budget-travelers, but once in a while we may stay in a luxury hotel or relax in a spa. We can (and we did) sleep in a tent, hostel, hotel, on a couch of a hospitable local guy, or even in a car, yes, this is how much obsessed we are. Loving road-trips, we nevertheless take a lot of flights, train and bus rides and whenever there is a chance we do not miss a boat trip. And even though it is a goal of all travelers, to see as many places as possible, we never regret going back to the favorite ones.

About Kostas

Kostas was late to discover the travel bug. But after he found it, oh… it does not leave him in peace! He spends all his free time looking for new destinations, tickets, special offers, reading travel articles, blogs, books and whatever is connected to travel world. Several years ago he started writing and posting A&K travel stories on a famous Greek forum, and this is how the first seed of this blog was spared. Without him and his restless passion for trips, this blog would never exist. In his free time, he loves watching sports, going out and playing board games.

About Alyona

Alyona has too many different activities, but thanks to her effort this site became a real thing. She is dealing with all the technical and photographic part of this website. After Ektoras was born, she started writing articles about travelling with kids and sharing her experience about family travel. She is a “comrade” in planning and implementing every idea or project. In her free time she loves reading, drawing, having coffee with friends and walking by the sea.

Photo Credits

All the photographs from our travel stories are taken by us (or by friends, who were with us in a trip). In other categories, we use also photographs with a Creative Common license. We always try to give a credit to the author. However, if you find your photo and your name is not mentioned, or you want it to be deleted, please, contact us!

You can also take a look at our A&K Photography page on Facebook, or check out our Flickr albums.

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