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Φαράγγι των Νεκρών
Crete Greece

Gorge of the Dead in Zakros: Hiking in Mysterious Places

We could not start hiking in that part of the island from anywhere other than the Gorge of the Dead. Probably the most famous and easy hike in the area. From the village of Ano Zakros, its steep sides lead to Kato Zakros, a calm and nice place with the Minoan palace and the crystal clear waters. A fairly easy hike, enjoyable even with a small child or a baby.


Paros: exploring the island in our way

Paros, famous Cycladic destination When you spend June fighting the waves in the North Atlantic and the wind in Iceland and the Faroe Islands, you deserve some normal vacation also, right? Paros doesn’t need any introduction or promotion. There are probably thousands of articles and travel guides, where to go, where to eat, where to …

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