Kastellorizo, the isolated gem of Greece

How to get there??? As you can see on the map, Kastellorizo lays quite far from the rest of Dodecanese (the complex of greek islands in south eastern Aegean sea). All connections are made through Rhodes island, of course. So:– You can take the ferry from Rhodes (check here, it’s usually twice a week.– Or, …

Rostov Veliky Ροστόφ Βελίκι
Exploring the world

Rostov Veliky: Christmas trip to beloved Russia

The so-called “Golden Ring” of Russia refers to a series of about 12 cities northeast of Moscow, which have a special historical – religious – cultural interest. Monuments of Russian history are preserved there, one finds temples and monasteries of unique beauty, as well as folk handicrafts. Rostov, Sergiyev Posad and Yaroslavl were the ones we chose for the Russian Christmas period in 2020 and we did not regret it.

Chania Inn
Hotels & Experiences

Chania Inn

Our stay at Chania Inn This time we were going to celebrate our wedding anniversary and needed a relaxing weekend. It had to be our first time apart from our little adventurer, and definetely we wanted something special in order to enjoy our alone time after 2,5 years traveling together everywhere. We have been to …

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