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Ξερόκαμπος Κρήτη Xerokampos Crete
Crete Greece

Xerokampos: Exotic beauty in southeastern Crete

Tropical beaches in the Mediterranean Sea? Having been in tropical destinations such us Bali, Vietnam and Cuba gave us the opportunity to witness the beauty of white sand beaches and turquoise water. Nevertheless, we always regard Greek beaches among the most beautiful in the world, with some of them very similar to tropical ones, regarding …

Chania Inn
Hotels & Experiences

Chania Inn

Our stay at Chania Inn This time we were going to celebrate our wedding anniversary and needed a relaxing weekend. It had to be our first time apart from our little adventurer, and definetely we wanted something special in order to enjoy our alone time after 2,5 years traveling together everywhere. We have been to …

Hotels & Experiences

Paros: Glyfa Village

Glyfa Village Apartments During our visit to Paros island, we decided to stay 2 nights in beautiful Glyfa Village apartments. Usually we prefer low-budget accomodation and even during that visit to Cyclades islands we stayed several nights in our roof-top tent. But sometimes we like just to relax with all the comfort available. This is …


Paros: exploring the island in our way

Paros, famous Cycladic destination When you spend June fighting the waves in the North Atlantic and the wind in Iceland and the Faroe Islands, you deserve some normal vacation also, right? Paros doesn’t need any introduction or promotion. There are probably thousands of articles and travel guides, where to go, where to eat, where to …

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