Embracing the endless blue of southern Cretan Sea.

Stone after stone, sand, dry weeds and deep blue. Driving all the way from Rethymno to Spili and further, the road signs call you by strange names. “Akoumiani gyalia”, “Keramiani Gyalia”, while the landscape around reminds you of the wild and inaccessible of southern Crete.
We keep driving, pass Sahtouria village, then we head to Agios Pavlos. The settlement is small, the bay is calm, with crystal clear water and some umbrellas.

It’s nice and picturesque, definitely. However, the real magic lies in the back of the hill and the rocks. At the west side, some stairs offer us the incomparable view we ask for. The sand dunes of Agios Pavlos, or “Alatsogremni”, as locals call this beach! Further on, the uniqueness of nature continues as far as our eyes can see. The three rocks of Triopetra stand out, the beaches are continuous, of supreme beauty.

We descend the wonderful dunes quickly. The sand is quite hot, but we are not discouraged, thanks to the impatience to dive in the amazing water.

  • And, when dusk arrives, our gaze gets lost with the sun, on the west coast of Crete, behind Lefka Ori, that stand out in the background.

Experiences and unique beauties of a special place, we feel blessed choosing to live here. Greece has much to offer, check out some of our own favorites here.

Άγιος Παύλος Agios Pavlos beach


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