Skocjan cave and three days full of beauty

Entering Slovenia, we certainly did not expect what we would live in the following days. We were kinda in hurry to pass the Balkans and reach Central Europe, so it was not exactly our dream to travel there.

It turned out we were so wrong!


Gorge, underground!

Slovenia is known for its Postojna caves, which are rightly considered to be of stunning beauty. However, after discussing it with our hosts, we learned about the Skocjan area. Less famous among foreigners, but no way less beautiful cave system is located there. When we saw photos on the internet, that was it! Love at first sight!

So we found ourselves at the entrance to the Skocjan cave next morning. Along with several more visitors and our guides, we were ready to admire Europe’s largest underground canyon! What do we mean?

The river Reka, after crossing fifty kilometers in Slovenia, sinks into the karstic subsoil.  It reappears on the fountains of Timavo in the Gulf of Trieste. So in the subsoil this wonderful, unique canyon, more than three kilometers long and up to 140 meters high, was formed! And all this miracle dozens of meters below the surface of the ground. The spectacle of the river being literally lost from the face of the earth is dazzling and frightening at the same time.

Skocjan cave

Visiting the cave

It took us enough time to walk the whole Skocjan cave area. First with the stalactites and stalagmites in the “silent room”, and then to the eerie reality of the canyon with the powerful sound of the river all around. The lights, marking the path for visitors, were leading somewhere in the deep darkness of the cave. We could see old, extremely dangerous looking stairs, built in the rock on the other side of the canyon. The guide told us that they are made by the first cave explorers. It felt like we were walking in the Moria tunnels of the Lord of the Rings movie. While passing the narrow bridge, I thought that orcs or some other fantastic beasts could get out of the darkness at any moment. Undoubtedly, Skocjan cave was a unique and unexpected experience for us, we highly recommend it to those traveling to Slovenia!


In the area of ​​this large national park there are also samples of typical rural architecture of the Karst region, hiking trails and museum collection.

Do not be in hurry to leave Slovenia

Slovenia in general impressed us by its green valleys and forests, lovely villages, plenty of interesting sights and activities all around. Travelling with Ektoras in this country was pleasant and easy. There are plenty of places for picnic in the beautiful spots along the roads, many parks, well-equiped playgrounds, Lipiza horse park, Bled lake and much much more to explore with your toddlers. If Slovenia will ever be on your travel list, do not repeat our mistake and plan at least 5-7 days to enjoy this wonderful country!

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