Winter is coming, though it’s difficult to realize it here on Crete. So, we thought to look for some cold destinations, to feel the winter spirit! Maybe we overreacted after all, but… Grandparents are looking forward to seeing our little adventurer, almost 20 months after our last visit there. Not the Greek grandparents, the Russian ones!

Let’s visit Russia, for New Year’s eve and even longer!

Just a couple of days before 2020, we are flying to the biggest country in the world, once again!

17 days, 5 cities, cold, snow, caviar and vodka, borsh and tea. Are you ready?

Here is our list:
  • 18 hours in the train, from Moscow to Taganrog. Enjoying hot tea from samovar, snacks and sweets from local train station on the route, and the snowy, endless Russian nature.
  • Moscow! It doesn’t matter how many times we have visited it. We always discover something new, we always love meeting friends and taste favorite dishes.
  • Our relatives in Taganrog are awaiting, of course. Over there, in this important city – port of Azov sea, we expect great family meetings with homemade vodka and food, as well as noisy New Year’s celebrations. You know, Russians are more than loud in such occasions.
  • Yaroslavl, Rostov Velikyi, Sergiyev Posad. Three outstanding places of the so called “Golden Ring”. Beautiful Kremlin in Rostov Velikyi, the historical centre of Yaroslavl (part of  Unesco World Heritage) monuments and one of the most important vaults of Russian art, Sergiyev Posad, will bring us new travel experience very soon!

Stay tuned for unique winter experiences!

Do you enjoy reading about our adventures? Would you like to buy us a cup of coffee in Colombia, or some tea on Bolivian highlands? Or maybe a couple of fried spiders in Cambodia?
Here is the way!

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