Accommodation like in a fairy-tale

The northeast side of Switzerland, far from the Alps, offers a different picture to travelers. Low hills, meadows, farms and cows everywhere. With the provincial roads in perfect condition this is a dream of anyone who loves road trips! And so we found ourselves driving from the Bodensee coast to Oberhelfenschwil. Difficult name, right? A 400-year-old farmhouse was waiting for us there, and we will never forget the hospitality of its lovely owners.


After the GPS led us to some dirt roads, where we even had to open the rope bar  passing someone’s fields probably (so that the animals would not leave), we finally found the house we were looking for. And it was like being in a movie. Completely wooden, with lots of windows, amidst greenery and flowers. Beyond the house there were few cows, farmers working and a glowing sun that made everything look even more beautiful!

Hospitality and the first impression

Samuel, Claudia and their lovely daughters Aremi and Noemi welcomed us, prepared delicious dinner and made us feel so nice like we were at our own house. This is true hospitality, isn’t it?

Their fabulous home deserves a special introduction. It is a wooden old farmhouse, almost 400 year old, which is recognized as a cultural heritage of the country! What impressed us the most, is that everything in the house was made of unpainted natural wood, even the majority of the girls’ toys. On the upper floor where works were not completed, we could see holes in the floor – marks from the boots of the riders in the old ages. The feeling of staying on exactly the same hardwood floors was like being transfered back in time to the epoque of knights, the experience we will always remember. There was also a small room – museum with various old objects. We certainly haven’t seen anything like this house before and we loved our time there.

Seeing these blond girls, their parents, their way of life and their simplicity, brought to our mind the series “The Little House on the Meadow”, which I used to watch as a child. A short walk with Samuel on the surrounding hills around some other farms, with the afternoon sun painting orange the lush meadows and a lonely deer in the woods grazing carelessly, were the best appetizer for the dinner that we enjoyed.

We have been thirsty for information from each other. We have shared stories about our lives, and learnt how Samuel has completely renewed all this huge house on his own. We appreaciated their love and respect for nature, and, most importantly,  the way their beautiful daughters are raised.

24 hours are enough for a strong friendship

Aremi and Noemi went to bed early, and the next morning they woke up to prepare breakfast, eat, and walk to school. The house was outside the village, about half an hour walk up the hill, where we could see the Oberhelfenschwil from above.

That morning we accompanied them to the school too. Ektoras on my back, and we all walked together in the morning dew. We had to say good bye to the girls and then returned home with their parents enjoying the surroundings.

All this experience was like a dream, and we are grateful to this family for the opportunity to see somethine so authentic. The last moments that we enjoyed were running around with Ektoras in the countryside and playing ball with Samuel while Claudia was preparing small bites for our road. Once again, it is the hospitality and the sincere smiles that we will remember forever. 

We hope we have a chance to host these people in Crete, to see them again. Life is our quality time after all, and the hours we spent in this farmhouse were full of joy.

We left behind us real friends and unforgettable moments, and started driving to the Alps. Scenic mountains of Switzerland, famous Interlaken, some great routes and beautiful lakes were waiting for us to explore them.

Φιλοξενία σε αγροτόσπιτο 400 ετών στην Ελβετία

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