How to get there???

As you can see on the map, Kastellorizo lays quite far from the rest of Dodecanese (the complex of greek islands in south eastern Aegean sea). All connections are made through Rhodes island, of course. So:
– You can take the ferry from Rhodes (check here, it’s usually twice a week.
– Or, to buy an air ticket, get in a small ATR 42 aircraft and enjoy a unique experience, flying close to the Turkish coastline and landing on a very short runway! Interesting, don’t you think? That’s what we did, actually.

It’s about 3 km walk from the airport to the village, here is what you can do:
There is just one taxi on the island, whose owner keeps insisting to serve all of us!
– During summer season, there is also a small mini bus.
– Best way? Take your backpack on your shoulder, walk to the village, enjoy the view around, smell the wild herbes!

Walking all around, enjoying incomparable view

Kastellorizo ​​has two small bays – settlements, one in the main port and one in the area of ​​Mandraki. We chose the second one, staying at Mandraki Paradise. Mr. Antonis and Christina are the owners of comfy maisonettes with all the necessary, providing very good hospitality and absolute silence!

That day, as well as the next one, we did everything possible in this piece of land. We walked literally the whole island, up to Paleokastro and Saint George, then down the 400 stairs to the port.

What captivates you in that place is the proverbial calmness that prevails, but also the pride of the inhabitants, despite their difficult life.

Did I say “calmness” ? Not on the night of the Jesus Resurrection, for sure! If you choose Orthodox Easter to be on Kastellorizo, you will realize there are more than enough weapons and ammunition.
We could say a lot about the problems locals face every day, but it is not worth.

What is surely worth, is Mr. Vassilis’s smile outside his tavern in the port, who offered us coffee and sweets in the morning before leaving, the “farewell” horns of boatmen on the return ferry next day … and the strong emotions overwhelming us…

Bonus: A natural miracle, that you simply can’t show in a photo

Did we forget anything?
What else, the Blue Cave! Honestly, we had seen hundreds of photos before visiting this natural wonder. I can tell you for sure that nothing is even close to reality. The place is made to enjoy it in its entirety with your own eyes, as if it doesn’t want to show its greatness in any lens.
Nevertheless, we tried to overcome the difficulties of bad light and instability of the boat, to make some pics. Enjoy!

P.S.: Kastellorizo ​​is a special part of our country, for many reasons. Get to know it, and don’t miss the opportunity to visit it, if you are in Rhodes. Despite the difficulties, it’s worth every minute over there. The aura that exudes the island and the friendliness of the locals will be unforgettable!

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