Hey, folks! My name is Ektoras, and I was born in October 2017. When I was 38 days old, my parents took me on my first trip, and so I was “baptized” as the little adventurer. This is how I dived in this beautiful world of travel.

Since then, all three of us continue traveling, so that to see various places in Greece and around the world. And even though sometimes it is so difficult to sit quietly in the car (you see, I like to run), I love our trips!

I remember sleeping in a tent right on the beach in Agiofarago, in South Crete, crawling in the sand, and diving in the cold waters. I like nature very much! But also in the cities, we are going well, I have no complaints. And so I have my own page in my parents’ blog. For now, mommy and daddy help me to express myself, but one day they will finally let me press all these buttons. Wohooo!

Since I will not remember much, it is also a way for me to read my travel stories in the future. Uff, I leave you now, to eat something and play. There are so many things that require my attention. I am a busy toddler, you know?

Ektoras, the little adventurer

Till now Ektoras has visited Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Russia, and Germany.


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